A Look Into How Legionella Is Tested

Testing for Legionella is performed in a lab with special equipment, as mentioned in the video. Detecting Legionella is essential for the public’s safety. This process ensures there’s adequate awareness regarding safety risks.

The Testing Process

The testing process involved collecting a sample of the potentially contaminated water. The water is then filtered twice to concentrate the sample.

Video Source

A polycarbonate filter is placed between the collection bottle and the bottle collecting the filtered water.

The filter is then removed and placed with another solution in a centrifuge. The process is called elution and allows for the sample to be analyzed properly. After the sample is isolated, it undergoes more steps by adding solutions and magnets. A legionella testing service will then analyze the sample to produce their findings.

Finding The Answers

Detecting Legionella requires several precise steps that lab experts perform. Only a qualified lab or testing service can accurately perform the steps needed to arrive at conclusive results. Anyone in need of accurate testing services for Legionella can get more details from a service that has the tools, technicians, and know-how to complete the process according to the outlined procedure for accuracy with the results.

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