Protecting Your Gun Store Business: What to Consider

Gun stores face many threats, the most prevalent of which is robbery. In recent years, robberies of gun stores or pawn shops have increased, with an estimated 1,530 reported incidents in 2020 alone. This makes gun stores particularly vulnerable to criminal activity and theft.

Another major threat to gun stores is burglary. According to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting statistics, there was 3,581 burglaries of firearms dealers in 2020—a dramatic 11% increase from 2019’s figures. This trend indicates that criminals target these establishments more frequently to secure firearms for nefarious activities.

A lesser-known but equally dangerous threat to gun stores is arson. In 2019 alone, an alarming 177 arsons were reported at firearms dealer locations—an increase of 6% compared to 2018 figures. Arson presents a real danger for employees and customers. Moreover, it can cause significant damage and disruption to struggling businesses due to COVID-19 lockdowns and other restrictions.

Protecting your gun store is a must for any gun store owner or proprietor to avoid these threats. Fortunately, you can pursue these steps to help you with the process.

Security Systems

Security systems are essential to a gun store’s defense against potential theft, burglary, and arson. Installing an advanced security system can help reduce the likelihood of these crimes occurring by deterring criminals from attempting to gain access to firearms in the first place. Security systems typically include CCTV cameras, motion detectors, alarm systems, and other technological components that alert owners and law enforcement if any suspicious activity is detected. Additionally, some designs may be connected to local police department databases, allowing for faster response times in the event of a crime.

Furthermore, security systems can also provide valuable information during criminal investigations. High-quality cameras can capture images with greater detail and clarity than ever before—allowing authorities to build more robust cases against perpetrators and gather evidence that could lead to successful convictions. By investing in advanced security systems, gun stores can better protect their inventory while providing crucial information for law enforcement officials.

A study by the Bureau of Justice Statistics found that having a security system significantly reduced the risk of burglary and theft. The study also concluded that gun stores with alarm systems and surveillance cameras experienced fewer burglaries than those without either type of security measure.

Employee Training for Firearm Safety

Employee training is essential for safe and secure firearms handling in gun stores. Employees must be adequately trained to safely handle weapons, especially when they are unloaded and stored away from customers. Additionally, employees should be instructed to hold weapons after purchase or transfer properly. Training should also include proper procedures for dealing with volatile or potentially dangerous situations that could arise with customers or other individuals attempting to gain access to firearms without authorization.

Finally, employees should be aware of laws about the sale and transfer of firearms. They must understand the rules related to background checks, paperwork requirements, license acquisition, and other essential elements of firearm sales and transfers. An informed staff can help ensure compliance with applicable state regulations while facilitating a safe customer purchasing experience.

Legal Insurance and Liability Protection

Investing in legal insurance is an essential step for any gun store owner or proprietor. Legal insurance can provide protection against potential liability associated with firearms sales and transfers and coverage of the cost of defending criminal cases arising from alleged misconduct. Furthermore, legal insurance can cover the costs of attorney’s fees and court costs related to civil actions brought against a business due to the sale of firearms. By investing in legal insurance, gun store owners can better protect their businesses from costly litigation that could otherwise threaten their future success. An insurance underwriting service for firearms stores will be able to provide additional details about the types of coverage and plans available.

Law Enforcement Connection

Finally, gun store owners should strive to maintain a positive relationship with local law enforcement. Developing a rapport with police officers and other law enforcement officials can help establish trust and open up lines of communication that could ultimately benefit the business. Furthermore, having a good relationship with the police may lead to increased security measures or notable police presence—which can further reduce the risk of theft or burglary at a gun store. Building relationships with law enforcement is an effective way for gun store owners to ensure their businesses remain as safe and secure as possible.

Final Thoughts

A gun store’s safe and secure operation is essential to any firearms business’s success. By investing in high-quality security systems, providing employee training for firearm safety, purchasing legal insurance, and maintaining a positive relationship with law enforcement—gun store owners can ensure their stores remain protected from theft or liability-related litigation. Investing in these measures effectively protects inventory and customers while ensuring compliance with all applicable state laws.

By Alex Smith

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