How Has the Latest Technology in Dentistry Revolutionized the Industry?

As someone who works in the dentistry industry or simply wants to stay informed about all of your options in dental care, discovering how the latest technology in dentistry has allowed the field to evolve in a positive trajectory can be a good use of your time. Gone are the days when dentistry was nothing more than pulling unhealthy teeth and fixing rudimentary dentures into the mouths of those who could afford these pricey new developments. Today, dental care is more advanced and allows consumers to choose dentistry options based on their comfort, budget, and plans for future dental care.

Root Canal Alternatives

As a cultural joke, root canals tend to be seen as one of the worst and most painful things someone can go through. If you’ve ever heard someone kid about how they “would rather get a root canal” than do some unpleasant activity, you’ll know that this procedure tends to have a terrible reputation among those who don’t work in dentistry. Thankfully, the latest technology in dentistry is making this procedure more efficient and less uncomfortable than earlier versions of this treatment.

One of the best alternative root canal treatments one can use if the pulp is minimally exposed is called direct pulp capping. This treatment doesn’t work best on teeth where the pulp is heavily exposed or other contraindications exist. Still, other procedures like pulpotomy and tooth extraction may be wise alternatives to root canals that are still evolving as advancements occur in the field.

Dentistry as a Whole

One of the most exciting parts of working in the dental field is seeing what the latest technology in dentistry can do for our clients and ourselves as professionals who want to be as efficient and skilled as possible. If you have worked in general dentistry for several years, you’ve probably been amazed at how dental care has improved even over this relatively short period. Some of these wonderful developments include intraoral scanning and even virtual reality applications to the industry.

For patients who have a tough time tolerating molding the teeth because of a strong gag reflex or dental anxiety, it can be helpful to use intraoral scanning so that professionals can get the same vital information they would derive from a mold without putting the patient through the discomfort of that process. Additionally, if professionals work with populations with disabilities or other considerations that can make molding challenging, it can be great to have an alternative method for making a 3D dental model that has plenty of applicable uses such as molding dentures, crowns, and other devices after it’s been created. Since it cuts down on the amount of time it takes to create a physical impression of the teeth, it also makes dental work more efficient and gives dental professionals the time they need to devote to other important tasks.

Another amazing improvement in the field is the employment of virtual reality headsets as a distraction technique. Virtual reality allows clients who might struggle with dental anxiety or severe phobias to transport themselves to a new virtual world until dental work is done. For patients who may avoid the dentist because of anxiety and fear, it can be life-changing to reassure them that they will have one more tool in their toolbox of coping skills to get through tough appointments and get the dental care they need for their overall health and well-being.

Pain Relief

One of the most life-changing impacts the dental field has produced is new treatments for periodontal pain. When you rely on the latest technology in dentistry in your practice, you’ll find that cutting-edge treatments for pain are becoming less addictive and healthier for patients to use. New time-released local anesthetics are making orthodontic surgery more comfortable for patients, which allows for better results in healing. This is a win for patients and dentists alike!

If you don’t like the idea of using drugs to treat dental pain, you can use new technology to avoid it. Some items like a Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) machine can make it easier to manage pain. Of course, you should consult with a dental professional and follow their orders for pain management.

Cavity Treatments

One of the most common needs that dental patients have is using dental fillings to fill cavities. As we know, cavities that are left untreated can become worse and present problems that affect the individual’s teeth, gums, and health as a whole. Thanks to improvements in dental technology, New options for cavity fillings allow for the least amount of drilling possible while using materials like composite resin to improve the look and feel of the filling after it’s done.

If you’re interested in discovering the latest technology in dentistry for treating and filling cavities, you can consult with dental professionals who are using this technology already. As a consumer, you can also ask professionals like your periodontist about new options you find by researching developments in dentistry that may benefit you. You can also look into researching institutions in your area that may have a dental program that offers opportunities for consumers to participate in research studies if you’d like to experience technological developments in this field as they happen.

Emergency Care

While we don’t always think of dental healthcare as something that requires immediate health care, emergency dental care can play a part in saving teeth that would otherwise require extraction. From professional dental care workers to consumers, everyone can benefit when emergency dental care advances. Although many of the advancements in the field that improve regular dental care impact emergency dentistry, it’s worth noting that some of these advancements may be more applicable to emergency dental work than others would.

For those who are on the fence about whether they may need to visit an emergency dentist or their standard dental care practice, one of the most beneficial developments in the latest technology in dentistry is teledentistry options. When you can consult with a dental care professional over the phone or a secure video call platform, you may save yourself a costly trip to an emergency dentist or save a tooth by getting care right away if they recommend it. Since teledentistry tends to be less expensive and less invasive than regular dentistry, it can also be a great way for patients who have a hard time accessing dental care to get the care they need and acknowledge when a dental emergency is happening instead of putting it off until it becomes a life-altering issue.

Dental Crowns

When your teeth need to have porcelain crowns, you may wonder if there are alternatives that could better suit your lifestyle, budget, and aesthetic preferences. Thankfully, there are new developments in dentistry that make it so that there are multiple different types of crowns available to complete dental work. One of the common complaints that dental patients make about crowns is that they are obvious when they have them because of their color or the way they’ve been molded. New technology like zirconia crowns makes it easier than ever to mold crowns so they resemble the tooth in question and match the color to the existing teeth for maximum blending properties.

While these are exciting developments in the latest technology in dentistry, it’s worth noting that they may not always be affordable to every patient. Depending on one’s insurance, budget, and other considerations, it may be more cost-effective to use technology that is older if it means that the dental patient can access care like getting a dental crown. Of course, there may be financial advantages to using newer technology if that technology is cheaper than other options that existed before it did.

Fashion and Function

When we think about developments in the dental field, it’s easy to think about the ones that will impact those who need routine dental procedures done for their health. On the flip side, there are plenty of advancements in cosmetic dental services that are worth noting. For those who want to brighten their pearly whites, new developments in using lasers in dentistry to whiten teeth can make the process more efficient and effective than ever before. Additionally, if someone dreams of a beautiful smile but finds that fears around sitting in dental chairs are getting between their goals in cosmetic dentistry and their current dental condition, virtual reality headsets can make it so that they’re able to ignore the source of their worries while getting the cosmetic care they desire.

When we consider the latest technology in dentistry, it’s important to think about how some technological advancements are not only helpful on a fashion level but also in terms of how they help dental clients in a functional way. While lasers are useful for reshaping gums and whitening teeth, they’re also helpful for removing benign tumors from the gums at times. This can be especially useful if these tumors make the client feel self-conscious and present potential health risks down the line that could be eliminated quickly with new technology.

Teeth Cleaning

One of the biggest areas of improvement in dentistry is the advancement of tools related to cleaning teeth and solutions for tooth cleaners. If one walks into a drug store or department store and heads to the aisle with all of the teeth cleaning items, it’s amazing how many toothbrushes, flosses, kinds of toothpaste, and other items are available to consumers nowadays. While some items may be more a product of strong marketing than a miracle that delivers on their promises, some new technology advancements make cleaning your teeth at home easier than ever. For those who want to have a deep, satisfying clean every time, water picks and electric toothbrushes are a game changer.

For those who are in the business of cleaning teeth, these new developments can make our jobs easier. After all, if consumers take advantage of the latest technology in dentistry by shopping wisely for their hygiene items, dental hygienists will take note of how much cleaner their clients’ teeth seem to be and how much lower their cases of plaque are between cleanings. This makes it rewarding for clients and dental technicians alike.

Prosthetics and Replacements

For those who are missing multiple teeth, advancements in dental implants can make their lives better overnight. With better materials used in implants like zirconia, implants last longer and help clients enjoy a healthier lifestyle. Additionally, computer program advancements make it easier for dentists to plan implants and place them in the most optimal ways for maximum benefits to clients.

How to Stay on Top of New Developments in Dentistry

If you want to continue learning about advancements in dentistry as they happen, you should subscribe to publications that publish information about the latest technology in dentistry. You can also volunteer your time for research projects or attempt to work in dental research if you have the qualifications and passion to do so. Since dentistry is a field that will always be relevant, it can be a good idea to pursue a career in dental technology to combine a love of technology, a passion for dentistry, and a genuine desire to make the dental field better.

As a consumer, you can research dental options that are relevant to you. For example, if you want to replace a crown, you can look into the latest materials and choices for crowns before you head to the dentist. If you want to whiten your teeth in a healthy way that’s supported by the latest research, you can also ask a trusted pioneering dental professional about the best way to whiten your teeth without damaging them or risking your health.

If you’re not aware of the latest technology in dentistry, you can get caught up on how technology has changed the industry for the better over recent years. If you dream of an exciting career in dentistry or already work in the field, it’s all the more important that you stay on top of new developments to inform your practice and help your patients receive the most updated care possible. If your dental office has advanced care options that push out the competition, it can help your business thrive and your clients feel their best.

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