How Can Good Marketing Affect the Sales of Electronics and Gadgets?

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How Can Good Marketing Affect the Sales of Electronics and Gadgets?

With the advent of technology, there is no denying that the competition between electronics & gadgets is neck to neck. For example, when one brand comes up with a new cellphone, the other brand has to develop a new cellphone with better features than the other brand.

Things used to be simple back then. When a person buys a cellphone, they buy it for calling and texting. These days, when a person buys a cellphone, calling and texting is not just the feature they are after; they choose one with the better camera, the better app features, and so on.

This doesn’t apply only to cellphones; this applies to any electronics & gadgets in the market like laptops, speakers, music players, and even kitchenware. The amount of competition in the market is just overwhelming.

So how can one electronics or gadgets stand out amongst its competitors in the market? 

Exclusive Preview

Every year, whenever Apple introduces a new product, they hold a launch party to give an audience and the world a chance to see a preview of what products they will release.

It’s undeniable that owning something from Apple, let alone buying everything they launch, can be expensive. They market their products and their features effectively that people don’t seem to care about the price.

Apple holds these previews to persuade people why their new product/s is suitable for their consumers. 

As simple as an exclusive preview only, people are quick to pre-order them. On the launch date, they line up and camp outside Apple Stores to get the latest model or product in their hands.


Some brands send electronics & gadgets to bloggers or influencers to promote the upcoming product/s before they are released.

Adding more hype to a brand’s new gadget usually sends tech blogs the launching product. This way, those reputable tech blogs can use the devices first and do a review. 

Once these bloggers or influencers publish their reviews, their fans read them. If it is a good review (which it is always), people following the blogger or influencer will then be determined to get the product.


Most brands of electronics & gadgets usually have a website to build their reliability. For brands to have a website, this will help them sell their products even more because their consumers will know more about the company and see reviews from other consumers who have already tried and tested it. Websites can draw attention to their consumers.

One example is Beats by Dre. Beats by Dre is an earphone company. But what makes them stand out is when you go to their website, everything is cohesive. Their web design is very futuristic, just like the variety of products they offer.

Brands know their target market, so they try to make their websites a reflection of their consumers.

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Commercials are one of the most overrated but effective ways for brands to sell electronics & gadgets.

The best time for these brands to go all out with their commercial is during Superbowl.

One example is the Amazon Alexa; they did a Superbowl commercial that featured Gordon Ramsay, Cardi B, Rebel Wilson, and Sir Anthony Hopkins. Even the founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, was in that commercial.

Commercials cost a lot of money. If you hire celebrities idolized by so many people, expect a massive return of investment because people will be interested in buying your products.


Billboards garner so many impressions and views since they are often placed in areas where people can see whether they are driving, biking, or even walking. Billboards are just huge print ads that are just there to advertise a product but don’t be fooled; they can get costly.

One example of a good billboard advertisement that got people talking is the Panasonic Nose Hair Trimmer in Indonesia. They strategically placed the billboard wherein actual wires go from one nostril to the other. Although it is funny, it had people talking.

Social Media

Social media is the cheapest and fastest way to market technology. A company or a brand can post a preview of their product on their page, and the number of shares and tweets goes up.

Posting a product on social media can keep people buzzing and in the loop. People fight on social media about the pros and cons of the product. People talk about the features of the product and share their opinions on social media.

Whatever the opinion of a person is, whether good or bad, it boils down to the fact that people are talking about it, generating more potential buyers.

What makes people interested in acquiring these products is the way these brands market. People are always looking forward to the next new thing. 

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