Heres What Remote Online Notarization Is

Heres What Remote Online Notarization Is

The video titled “What is Remote Online Notarization (RON)?” demonstrates how to make signing real estate transactions easier. Now, buyers and sellers can complete contract notarizations online. The online notarization process, as explained by First American, starts with creating an online RON account. During this time, users can review the signing document and ask questions if they need any clarification before applying their signatures.

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Once buyers and sellers are ready to notarize the real estate documents, they schedule a closing appointment. At this time, participating signers will provide information to verify their identity, such as inputting their current address. Other identifying information required for the contract signing includes the last four digits of their Social Security number and date of birth. In addition, they must answer prescribed security questions and have their photo identification card handy.

A copy of the photo ID will be retrieved via the secure online verification system. Both the front and back of the ID are required to complete this identity confirmation process. Buyers and sellers can participate in the online document notarization process. A real estate agent can also attend this Web-based signing appointment on behalf of a client. What some users may like about the RON feature is this: The signers, notary, and real estate agent (if there is one) are all present online during the live session. They can even wave at each other in “real” time.

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