What is Fire Engineering?

What is Fire Engineering?

According to the YouTube video, there’s a new online course, and it’s building popularity among prospective students. The field is called fire engineering, but what is it, and how is it applied? As you know, the fire department ensures that fires are extinguished as soon as possible. Fire engineering is a division of this industry and is a more active approach to fire management.

A Rise in Popularity

Various role players are consulted when plans are drawn up for a new building. For example, an architect will design the building, while a health and safety specialist will ensure that the building plans, materials, and methods adhere to international health and safety standards.

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There is an additional professional who aids in the construction of buildings and homes: a fire engineering specialist.

This individual uses science, knowledge, and engineering principles to guide the project, ensuring the building design and materials are not prone to fire and preventing a fire from forming and spreading in a building. However, that’s not all they do. This profession covers a wide range of areas, including fire suppression systems, smoke control and management, wildfire management, and emergency escape facilities, to mention a few.

The profession dates back to the Roman era but was revived in the early 20th century with the start of the Industrial Revolution. It is a rewarding career with various aspects for growth and development.


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