Innovations That Microsoft Has Established

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Innovations That Microsoft Has Established

The ’90s are well aware of who Bill Gates is, even back then and up until now. He is a favorite subject of many conspiracy theories. Gates, a Harvard dropout, is a co-founder of Microsoft and Paul Allen, who later left the company due to health reasons.

With the eventual rise of computers, Microsoft took the world by storm. The main ingredient for this success is a combination of genius, hard work, and products that Microsoft exclusively owns. Anyone can have a computer, but for it to run properly, one must have Microsoft products. Though it started during the ’70s, by the early ’90s, a global market was already eager to have a piece of these innovative contributions.

Here are some innovations that Microsoft pioneered:


Microsoft Disk Operating System, also known as MS-DOS, stands as a function control process established by Microsoft to operate on IBM-compatible computers.

That famous logo that means ‘to save’ is called a floppy disk, an old movable storage device. DOS is an acronym for Disk Operating System. As the name suggests, it is a mobile operating system. Though owned by IBM, it is, in fact, a product created by Microsoft. Gates and Paul sold it to IBM, and the money they earned became a nesting capital for their company, Microsoft.

The command shell, also known as the Windows command line, is still used by many users today, even though Microsoft no longer supports MS-DOS.


The world of computing is just like building something out of nothing. And if the world was created by words spoken by a divine being, then creating a digital world also requires a language to be spoken, a language that would be the source of creation.

C# is a language designed by Microsoft Software Engineer Anders Hejlsberg. The language of C# may be used in any open-source platform; however, it is most commonly used in Microsoft Windows.

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Alt code

Ê or í, the first special character is called an ‘E circumflex,’ it can be created by holding the Alt on your keyboard and simultaneously typing the numbers 0234; the second special character is what is know as ‘I acute,’ still withholding Alt accompanied by the numbers 0237.

These and many other more special characters are called Alt codes. They are most helpful when it comes to accuracy when typing about certain topics.

Micro Bit

A very recent digital work of art. It is, in layman’s terms, a toy for tech-savvy individuals. Designed to expand the curious minds of kids, this little mechanism by BBC was developed by Microsoft Engineers. It is a creative avenue for kids to learn how to make a toy obey their command, commands that are manually imputed to the Micro Bit device to obey the commands given.

The commands could be as simple as telling or setting the time, a game console, a fitness tracker, or a compass. The ability of such a device depends on the code that’s fed into it.

DNA Storage

Microsoft is on the frontier of data storage. There is a plethora of data produced on an hourly basis. However, there is insufficient capacity to store it. The company is eyeing the possibility of DNA storage. As we all know, DNA can store a significant amount of data and at the same time requires very little space, not to mention DNA lifespan can be preserved for a very long time. Data storage on synthetic DNA is a groundbreaking accomplishment. This biotech direction will eventually be the frontier of modern computing.

Businesses can operate because of these innovations that have been pioneered by Microsoft. Some companies use SQL server services to manage the control of data. Other than that, Microsoft has made business practices more effective and efficient.


People are hearing a little more about the mixed reality breakthroughs. However, holoportation, a 3D capture technology that projects a vivid image of a person into a digital world, is the next trend to catch the audience’s interest. Microsoft just presented a mixed reality presentation to the attendees during their keynote. Individuals witnessing the event from their couches and workstations worldwide were able to engage in the procedure as avatars, witnessing things develop in a virtual holographic environment.

Microsoft is leading the world of computing, pushing the boundaries to unchartered territories, and pushing it more into unimaginable proportions. It seems that there is no stopping this giant tech company, and it is mostly for the best. A rolling stone gathers no moss, and wherever this company leads, it is most likely the world will willingly follow and will always benefit from it.

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