Technologies You Didn’t Know You Needed in the New Normal

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Technologies You Didn’t Know You Needed in the New Normal

If there’s anything we have to learn to adapt to the new normal, it’s to be digitally adept. We’ve relied on technology and gadgets as part of our daily lives for decades, but it’s become even more of a necessity during the new normal. In large part, the limited physical mobility the lockdowns imposed on consumers have made convenience and effectivity at the very top of their priorities.

Whether it be in terms of professional careers, social interactions, or purchasing habits, things have to happen quickly, and they have to be done right. Innovative technology drives this further the tech sphere continued to pump out software, gadgets, and many other products that especially catered to pandemic needs.

Security systems

Employee theft and fraud are just two of the most prevalent crimes in the workplace, which is where security camera systems come into play. Statistics show that at least 95 percent of companies have experienced employee theft, whereas employee fraud which is also prevalent goes a few years before detection. Due to the current uncertain times, the numbers of employee theft have increased which makes security systems play an even bigger role during this new normal for businesses.

Security systems have even become necessities for households, those living alone were in need of an added layer of protection when it came to possible break-ins. Many homes also utilized security and surveillance systems for increased child care needs during the lockdowns, which helped them keep an eye on their younger children in the next room.

Smart assistants

Smart assistants, also known as virtual assistants, are one of the great examples of tech that puts convenience at the forefront. They help you play music, answer your questions, and assist you in significant tasks without having to stop what you’re doing. Smart assistants can give you hands-free control, play any music of your choice, give you recommendations, and even answer phone calls without pressing any button.

Among all of this, one of the best features of smart assistants is their capability to do what you need them to do without you having to lift a finger. With great examples such as Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa already quite popular prior to the pandemic and as more people were forced to multitask within their homes, sales definitely saw a significant increase.

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Smart locks

Smart locks are similar to smart assistants, except it’s targeted towards the security and safety of your home or property. All you need is an internet connection to be able to have surveillance over your home in reducing your tendency for burglary, theft, and break-ins. Particularly since these crimes have increased during the pandemic, it’s even more crucial to take advantage of smart locks. Most smart locks give you remote access, so you don’t have to use your keys to unlock and lock your door.

Through just the use of your voice or even your fingerprint, you can unlock your home. Smart locks provide you with remarkable features such as real-time surveillance, multiple unlocking and locking options, permanent or temporary codes for guests and home services, auto-lock features, and a whole lot of other features that ensure the safety of your home. Security definitely became a bigger priority during the uncertain times brought by the lockdowns.

Robot vacuum cleaners

Technology makes your life easier, including cleaning your home. Robot vacuum cleaners have proved their convenience because they get the job done while still allowing you to finish your other tasks. Not only do they clean your floors automatically, but they also have built-in cameras to prevent you from bumping into expensive wall accessories and furniture. Robot vacuum cleaners can also detect drops, preventing them from falling from staircases.

Rechargeable batteries power these vacuums, so you don’t have to keep replacing their battery when it dies. They also have features such as integration with voice assistants like Alexa to make things even more hands-free and convenient for their users. A busy schedule can make cleaning up a hassle, especially during the pandemic when people are spending so much of their time at home.

Solar-powered lights

Solar energy has always been around, but its advantages ad usage has been more efficient during a digitally advanced era. From the word itself, you’re saving a lot of energy by having solar-powered lights since you’re barely using electricity. You’re cutting back a significant portion of your electrical bill by switching to solar-powered lights while also doing a great dead for the environment. Your home could use this during the new normal if you want to incorporate tech that’s more energy-friendly and if you’re serious about cutting back on your electricity costs.

Integrating technology into physical spaces is made easier with smart home hubs or centralized controls, such as Control 4 Automatio system. Having a centralized system in place turns the space into a smart space that can integrate your multiple smart devices quicker and more efficiently.

Tech continues to play a role in how homes and businesses adapt to the new normal and the landscape releases multiple new devices to meet new and evolving market needs.

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