Recreational Activities Parents Can Try with Kids

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Recreational Activities Parents Can Try with Kids

  • Participating in recreational activities with parents benefits a child’s physical and mental development.
  • Examples of recreational activities for parents and kids to do together include basketball, swimming, trampolining, soccer, arts & crafts, and visiting recreational establishments.
  • These activities help build trust and understanding between parent and child while teaching important values such as fair play and teamwork.
  • Engaging in recreational activities strengthens the bond between parent and child while providing physical and mental benefits for both individuals.

Recreational activities with parents are an essential part of childhood development. Research shows that children who engage in those activities with their parents tend to have higher self-esteem, better communication skills, and better relationships. Recreational activities encourage physical and emotional closeness between parent and child, strengthening their bond. Additionally, they can help improve a child’s academic performance as they learn how to set goals and manage time appropriately.

The benefits of play do not stop there. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), kids who participate in recreational activities with their parents are likelier to maintain a healthy weight than those who don’t. Additionally, research from Brigham Young University found that kids whose parents were involved in their leisure and recreational activities had higher grades than those whose parents were not.

Parents must ensure kids have access to those recreational activities, but being part of the fun can be just as important. Here are some of the recreational activities parents can try with their kids:


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Parents joining their kids for a game of basketball and other sports is an excellent way to have fun together. Not only does it provide physical activity, but it also teaches team-building skills and the importance of following rules. Additionally, parents can spend quality time with their children in a healthy environment. Here are some examples of sporting activities that parents can join in with their kids:


Basketball is a popular sport that both adults and children can play together. From shooting hoops together to playing a full game of basketball, there are numerous ways to get involved in this sport. Parents can coach their kids on proper technique, help them practice dribbling drills, or simply cheer them on from the sidelines – all of which can be great bonding experiences while playing basketball together.


Swimming is enjoyable for people of any age group or ability level. It’s low-impact on joints, so even those with physical limitations can participate safely and comfortably. At the same time, swimming provides physical exercise, which helps keep everyone healthy physically and mentally – not to mention how much fun it is! Aside from taking regular swimming lessons together, parents can also organize friendly swimming races or snorkeling with their children when they feel comfortable doing so.


Recreational trampoline sessions are great for having fun and getting the whole family together. Trampolining is not only enjoyable for kids, but it also helps to strengthen their muscles, balance, and coordination. Parents can join in the fun with their children or supervise from the sidelines if they are uncomfortable jumping. Such an activity will help parents stay active while allowing them to bond with their children through shared recreational activities.


Finally, soccer is an excellent recreational activity for parents and kids. This sport encourages teamwork, communication skills, and physical fitness, benefiting children’s development. Parents can join their kids to kick a ball or organize friendly matches. As well as being entertaining, playing soccer together helps build trust and understanding between parent and child.

Arts & Crafts

Arts and crafts for kid and parent

Arts & crafts are entertaining and creative activities that parents can do with their children. Crafting projects such as painting, drawing, or making models helps strengthen imagination and creative thinking while providing a platform for learning new skills. Parents can supervise their kids when crafting or join in to create something together – either way, it’s an enjoyable way to bond with your child through recreational activities.

Another activity that falls under arts & crafts is storytelling. Parents can spin stories with their kids and help them create characters to act out the stories, which helps enhance a child’s imagination and communication skills. This is also an excellent way for parents to engage with their children while having fun together.

Recreational Establishments

Recreational activities are fun for everyone, including kids and adults. As a result, several themed establishments pop up to keep people entertained and having fun. Amusement parks, arcades, and science centers are popular entertainment establishments with parents and kids. They provide an exciting atmosphere that encourages learning and exploration while helping children develop their social skills in a safe environment.

Laser tag, mini-golf, and bowling are fun recreational activities for the family. These activities allow parents to bond with their children while teaching them important values such as fair play and competitive spirit.

Final Thoughts

Recreational activities are essential to childhood development, so parents must join in and provide support where possible. From sports to arts & crafts, there is no lack of options for ways parents can engage with their kids through recreational activities. Ultimately, having fun together helps strengthen the parent-child relationship while providing physical and mental benefits for both individuals.

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