What Is Dissolved Air Flotation?

What Is Dissolved Air Flotation?

In This video, we will show how World Water Works uses dissolved air flotation(DAF) to treat wastewater. Water goes through the DAF with large bubbles escaping through a special mechanism. Aerated water combines with wastewater, where the separation process begins.

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The process is used to treat stagnant or wastewater. The DAF is designed with several compartments, each treating different types of un-potable water.

The Process: The DAF uses a coagulation process that separates she DAFd waste from liquid. The micro-bubbles adhere to suspended waste products found in the water, such as oil and algae. The bubbles rise to the surface. The heavier solids fall to the bottom, where they are drained and go into a sludge tank.
The DAF is used by numerous industries where water is used during the manufacturing process including oil refineries, paper mills, and chemical plants.

It is Good for the Environment: This method of water waste removal is environmentally friendly. World Water Works has built one of the largest and most efficient DAFs in production. It uses minimal chemistry, requires little energy, and cleans water that would have previously gone to waste.

As you can see, dissolved air flotation treats water by using the filtration process making dirty water clean again and ensuring water for future generations.

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