3 Steps of Video Production

3 Steps of Video Production

For a professional in the film industry or a hobbyist, knowing what the stages of video production are before you attempt to apply them can save you a lot of time with trial and error. According to this video, video production happens in three stages. Although some professionals might argue that there are more or fewer steps to this process, the consensus among those who have worked in the video production service industry for a long time is that you could divide video production into many parts.

First, film professionals start with pre-production.

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In this stage, you can expect to plan scripting, brainstorm ideas, and come up with a storyboard so everyone involved in production knows what to expect. Then, videographers move on to production. Here, recording and collecting audio and video happen. Finally, videographers transition to the post-production phase. During this part of the process, videographers will edit the footage recorded, convert it to the proper file type, and distribute it if they so desire. If you notice a major error with accessing the video file or you forgot to add certain effects in post-production, you’ll want to catch the error as soon as possible and fix it before you distribute the file. Checking your work is an important final step.

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