The Value of Insurance for Used Cars


The Value of Insurance for Used Cars

It doesn’t matter where you’re driving it or what state the car is in now. If it’s on the road in the United States, you have to get insurance for it. Most of the 50 states will require every car to be insured because it’s for the protection of the state, the driver, and any third party in a possible accident. So, yes, even if you’re not paying full price for the car, you still need insurance for it. That’s the law of the land.

But the questions now in your head might be: How much should I pay for it? Is my car still qualified to get one? How will I benefit from it? These are all valid questions with equally valid answers. The only direct answer you can get in one sentence is this: you need it because it saves you from a lot of trouble and all cars are qualified for insurance although you have to talk with many companies to land a great policy.

Why You Have to Get a Used Car Insured

Most of you know about the two kinds of vehicle insurance: comprehensive insurance and third-party insurance. The comprehensive insurance will cover all types of damages to your car and to the other party’s car. The third-party insurance will cover only the other party’s car, but not damages to your own. This is an important distinction when you get into a car accident.

Another thing that matters here is the provision of a car accident attorney. Comprehensive insurance policies will provide an attorney for you in case you have to go to court. Whether you’re the defendant or the aggrieved party, you will need a lawyer to help you settle claims with the insurance company, seek compensation for the damages to your property and self, and navigate the complex web of legal terminologies and processes. This alone will make you want to sign a contract with an insurance company.

You should also get your car insured in case of natural calamities such as floods, storms, and earthquakes. Man-made calamities such as vandalism, fire, and terrorist activities will also need coverage. And in case someone tries to steal your car (used cars are easier to steal because they don’t have computer chips and trackers yet), you can receive the right amount for the market value of your car.

The Problem with Getting Insurance for Old Cars

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It is easy to get insurance for new cars, but it’s different with old cars. Some insurance companies will charge less for used cars. Others will charge more. That’s why you must talk to different companies to get more options. Many factors must be considered when choosing an insurance policy for an old car.

The first one is the age of the car since most insurance companies will put a cap at 10 years. It’s nice that you’re able to take care of a car past the 10th-year mark, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find an insurance company that will insure it. Another thing that they will look into is the vehicle’s condition. If it is still in good condition, then most insurance companies will take it under their wing. If it’s not, you might have to bring it to a mechanic first before you can have it insured.

The repair costs of the car will come into play, too. For example, the components of your car can only be ordered abroad. If the cost of the components is higher than the actual retail value of the car in the market, then there will be no profit anymore, right? Insurance companies will likely reject covering your car’s value because they will not profit from it anymore. Remember that an insurance company is just like any business. It’s about the revenues they can generate from insuring your vehicle.

Finally, how rare is the car? Insurance companies want to cover rare and limited-edition cars, but they’re going to make you pay a hefty price for it. The odds of a rare Mustang being stolen are high, so you will most likely need to pay extra for that risk. If you own a rare vehicle, then that’s all the more reason to have it insured. You just need to find a car insurance company that specializes in limited-edition luxury cars.

Just because it’s a secondhand car doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve all the care in the world. As long as you will drive that car, you need an insurance policy for it. This is not only because of the laws that cover safe and secure driving in the country but also because insurance protects your rights and the other party’s rights.

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