Understanding Cloud Services

Understanding Cloud Services

AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure are names in the world of cloud technology you have probably heard of them here and there, but what do these companies do, and what are cloud services exactly? These are common questions that anyone new to cloud technology and digital cloud service providers will likely ask, and these are also the types of questions the video below helps to answer. The good news is understanding cloud services, or at least how they work, isn’t difficult to grasp.

In the aforementioned video, digital cloud service providers are compared to power companies that provide energy to homes and businesses. Similar to how power companies deliver electricity and power to consumers, digital cloud service providers offer an IT infrastructure without the need to own and maintain an in-house IT infrastructure and the people to run it.

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This is not only the most cost-effective way for companies to utilize and benefit from an IT infrastructure, but it is also the most efficient and effective way. From eliminating the need for equipment such as servers, switches, and more, to removing the need for an IT department, the benefits of cloud services for business are not only unrivaled, but it is also an IT solution for companies in any industry and of every size.

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