The Best Content Types That You Might Want to Explore Besides Vlogs

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The Best Content Types That You Might Want to Explore Besides Vlogs

Content creation isn’t easy. However, creators, say on YouTube, can earn a lot by producing content. Forbes estimated that top-earning creators on the platform could earn $5 per a thousand views. And as you see, even top-earning YouTubers would want to strive hard to promote their work to get revenue. Producing content indeed is a full-time job. If you’re up for the challenge, you should start choosing what type of content to create.

Selecting a particular niche of content is also not that easy. The vast amount of content online can make it difficult for you to come up with something original. But one thing you have to remember is you don’t have to come up with something original. All the content types online have already been done. It’ll just be up to you to add your own style.

If you’re choosing a content type to produce, below are flexible content niches. Using these content types can make it easier to integrate your own flavor into them.


There’s so much cooking content online but don’t hesitate to explore this niche. People have different tastes in recipe instruction. So if you’re good at cooking, you only have to think about adding your flair to your content. Maybe you’re animated in the kitchen. Why not use that energy in your creative process.

Another way to be different is by introducing your cultural identity to the audience. You can do that through cooking content. Explore recipes that originated from the province you grew up in. These types of content can bring nostalgia to some people who are watching. Perhaps, you can start recreating recipes that people always fail to do. There are so many ways to change the face of cooking content. You just have to squeeze all your creative juices since the competition in this niche is tight.

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The amount of reaction content on YouTube alone is uncountable. You can’t blame these creators since reaction clips are relatable. This is why many of them produce this type of content. However, this makes the format overused, and the creators forget that. They always think that they can just react in front of the camera and call it a day. Some even resort to click-baiting, where they respond to something and pretend that they liked it. They’re only doing it for the view counts, and they’re getting backlash from it.

So if you’re choosing this content type, don’t make the same mistakes. What you can do is choose an interesting subject to react to. Turn away from responding to anything viral. Maybe you can react to something produced by an underground subculture. Underrated horror films can be a good idea, too. Reacting to old TV show clips and ads can also be relatable for some. React to anything that most people can resonate with. But most importantly, produce reaction content that’s closest to what you really want.


There may be topics you are an expert on. Why not share your knowledge about them? Educational content is exciting to explore. Nothing can beat creating content about a subject matter you love. If you know a topic that you think most people find difficult to understand, bank on it.

Work with explainer video services to create engaging and entertaining content. There are just some things you have to understand before starting. Producing content that centers around facts are a bit challenging. You have to be precise with the information that you’re sharing. Facts can also change over time. You better have your information updated for instances like these.


This is another niche that’s fun to do. It’ll either make you try things you’re well-versed of or make you learn new stuff. Explore Science with kids by performing simple experiments. Maybe you have a talent for carpentry that you can share with handy moms. Or maybe produce content about producing low-budget content. You’ll never run out of ideas when making how-to content. It’ll only be up to you on how you can effectively share your expertise with the world.


Did you know that nearly four out of five people trust reviews they see online as much as personal recommendations? That’s the power of reviews. And maybe, reviews can be more convincing if you’re going to make content about it. People buy new things every time, so you won’t really run out of products to review. That’s one of the advantages review content can give you. If you’re lucky enough for your content to blow up, you might even receive PR packages from companies. That’s to see what you think of their product. There’s a lot of opportunities in creating review content.

The most important thing to learn in content creation is incorporating yourself into what you’re making. That’s what makes content more relatable and personal. Find your niche and enjoy making the content you love to explore.

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